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Sitting with death and choosing life. Foundation course

Over the last 2 years many of us have been struggling with all of the uncertainty of the world.

This course is for those of us who would like to deal well with the grief that may have built up in us and to map a route forward to a thriving life.


We all may be experiencing grief and loss of some kind. Whether loss of work, bereavement, relationship break up, grief for the loss of environment and extinction of species or loss of an old way of life that is no longer attainable or sustainable.


The sitting with death and choosing life fundamentals course provides the participants with a carefully held space in which to take the first steps in exploring what grief is and provide tools to learn from it and move through it.


It will take place in nature around a fire each week for 8 weeks and for 2 hours each time. Starting on Wednesday 6th October at 2pm at our urban growing space in Stockton on Tees and the same time each week after that.


In a place of loss this course offers the space to learn how others deal with their grief, to hear that we are not alone and to be seen and heard when we need it most.

The course will be run by Mark Mullis who is a qualified teacher, Cultivate Tees Valley director, experienced circle holder and one of the country wide team of facilitators for Sitting with death and choosing life courses.


The course total cost for 8 weeks is £120. Two payments £40 to Tribe in Transition for the materials and £80 to cultivate Tees Valley for the group experience. Both are necessary.

Please Buy the course first and then when we confirm your spot buy the materials.

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